UIDAI Penalised Bharti Airtel for Breaching KYC Norms

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Bharti Airtel, India’s major Telecom Operator may have to pay a fine for the alleged violation of rules on using Aadhaar Card for its KYC (Electronic Know Your Customer) verification process, as per UIDAI official’s report.

UIDAI official has already issued notice to the Bharti Airtel in September upon the complaints of the citizens that it was opening Payment Bank Accounts without the explicit consent of users.

UIDAI has alleged that mobile application used by Airtel executives to verify connections had a pre-checked box stated that the user wanted to open an Aadhaar linked Payment Bank Account also.

UIDAI was also informed that the Airtel retailers were also opening Airtel Payments Banks Account without the express consent of the customer/user.

Government oriented LPG subsidy have also been transferred to these accounts without the consent of the users.

The Telecom Operator has been temporarily debarred from using Aadhaar Card to authenticate connections and open new Payment Bank Accounts by UIDAI.

The penalty will be more than Rs. 2.0 Crore which is based on the number of days for which the rules have been flouted.

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