Is Underemployment or Unsatisfactory Jobs a Big Problem than Unemployment in India?

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The Government has taken major initiative to create employment in India for youth and it got success to give employment to mass unemployed people. But here arise a considerable question that whether the Indian Government got success to reward quality based employment to the youth? The answer is certainly no because a large population has not got employment in desired capacity whether in forms of remuneration, work hour, working skill and experience. The NITI Aayog Vice Chairman Rajiv Kumar said that India was facing the problem of under-employment and an unsatisfactory jobs scenario more than unemployment. India needs to set up productive and quality based employment opportunities to meet this challenge.

Mr. Rajiv Kumar said that there was a need to work together to handle this problem of underemployment and unsatisfactory jobs. He further added that cut-paste scheme from other countries or any other place would not succeed to handle this problem; hence there was a need to find out some clever and smart ways and to work together to handle the situation.

Kumar further said that “Young people are, of course, not satisfied with what they have on the ground. Their aspirations are running miles ahead of the ground reality.” He said that India was not suffering from unemployment rather it was facing the problem of unsatisfied jobs and disguised un-employment. According to Mr. Rajiv Kumar, the Government should shift to apprenticeship as it was the way to train people so that they could get jobs as per their skills and qualification.

The World Bank has also pin-pointed in its draft ‘Systematic Country Diagnostic (SCD) Report that India needs to create productive and regular jobs in India. The report also stated that economic growth failed to generate enough quality based jobs for its growing working age population.

Since India has growing age population in plenty, India should immediately make the whole education system loaded with job oriented courses from the basic education itself, so that in addition to normal education and the policy of right job for right person is implemented. Mind-set of elders needs to be drastically changed not to choose occupation for their off-springs but let the off-springs decide their own line of occupation according to their own taste.

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