US Move of H-1B VISA May Result in Disruptions for Both India and US

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The US President Donald Trump’s tightening the H-1B Visa norms and proposed to stop the further extension of H-1B Visa to those who are eagerly looking for their green cards may bring disruptions both for Indian and US economies.

The fate of over five lakhs Indian skilled workers are dangling after the US President’s proposal of not renewing the H-1B Visa. The proposal, if accepted would bring trouble for both India and US as this move could send home around 1 million Visa Holders in US of which most of the Indian workforce would be affected.

Many of Indians including skilled IT professionals wanted to settle down in US as they have been waiting for their green cards.

Non-renewal of their Visa will lead to force migration of these IT professionals to India and there will be shortage of skilled professionals in the US.

It is worth mentioning here that in America there have been already shortage of major skilled professionals especially in IT sector and this proposal would also affect the competitiveness in US.

Many MNCs in India have been providing skilled IT and other professionals to US.

Nasscom President R Chandrashekhar said that “It is not only about the Indian IT industry but about all Indians who use H-1B visas… Given that there is a real problem of shortage of skilled professionals in the US, any disruptive move will be detrimental for both India and the US”.

US Congressmen and lawmakers have also opposed this move, the spokesperson of whom are of the opinion that it would create further shortage of professionals in USA resulting direct effect to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) institutions.

The proposal of non renewal of H-1B Visas may have an adverse impact over the India and US bilateral relationship. It may bring downside for businesses for both India and US.

The resolution will send back home too many Indian professionals and this might affect the Indian Economy. However, Chairman of Mahindra Group twitted and welcomed all skilled workers who may have to deport to India if the change in the H-1B rules is applied. He wrote: “If that happens, then I say ‘Swagatam, Welcome Home.’ You’re coming back in time to help India Rise…”

The Canadian Government may welcome these skilled deportees as Canada has already provided employment to more than 300000 new comers to Canada.

Many of IT Companies and Major Americans giants like Google and IBM who are likely to be affected by this move may decide to take legal actions against the US Government to prevent the migration of their employees.

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