US President Bent upon to Recognize Jerusalem as Israel Capital

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US President Donald Trump publicize to recognize Jerusalem as Capital of Israel and want to move the American Embassy there.

This move of recognition will be welcomed by the Israel and supported by the Christian Voters, who were a key part of Trump’s base.

Mr. Trump’s decision of Recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital could have far reached effects as the same has been opposed by Arab, Muslims and Europeans who strongly condemn US Foreign Policy, hence it could lead to violence in the region.

What is real conflict over the recognition of Jerusalem?

 The Israeli-Palestinians conflict is the ongoing struggle between the duo countries began in the mid 60s as Israel and Palestine both are claiming over Israel since 1967 war.

The International community do not recognize Israeli sovereignty over all of Jerusalem, homes to sites to Muslims, Christians and Jewish and suggested to solve the conflict through negotiations.

US President also promised to begin the process of moving the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Palestinians burn poster of US president Donald Trump against shifting the US embassy to Israel to mark their protest.

Mr. Trump’s decision is likely to revolt violence on this recognition as Trump has not been able to decide territorial dispute between Israelis and Palestinians’ over Jerusalem.

US President is least concerned towards resolving the conflict over disputed areas of old City of Jewish named as Temple mount and Haram– Al-Shrif to Muslims.

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