Vijay Mallya’s Extradiction: His Lawyer Doubted Fairness of India’s Judicial System

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Indian Government initiated extradition proceedings against Vijay Malya, who has been facing allegations of fraud and money laundering charges of Rs.9000 Crores in India.

During his extradition trial at Westminster Magistrates in London, his defence expert team questioned the impartiality of India’s Judicial system and also attacked on the way of India’s Media Coverage.

His defence seeks to establish that there are no grounds to force Malya to return to India.

The trial is aimed at establishing a prima facie case of fraud and money laundering against 61 years business tycoon Vijay Malya. It seeks to prove that a fair trial will be conducted in India over his airlines default of Rs.9,000 Crores from various Banks in India.

Vijay Malya’s lawyer Clare Montgomery deposed Dr. Martin Lau to give his views on the evidence presented by the Central Bureau of Investigation and Indian Supreme Court Rulings.

Dr. Martin Lau stated before the Court that “I hold the Supreme Court in the highest respect but it is equally not disrespectful to indicate that some doubts are voiced about particular pattern in Judgments”

Lau asked to the Delhi High Court for setting up a committee to look into the media’s coverage affairs during the trial. He also doubted that there would be adverse effect on the trail due to media coverage which would provide the police an incentive to achieve “overnight Fame”

Along with his extradition trial now Vijay Mallya will face one parallel Litigation brought by 13 Indian Banks collectively to freeze nearly $1.5 Billion asset. The UK court said that the claim case brought by Indian Banks against the 61 year old liquid baron will come up for hearing in April next year.

Whether such allegations over Indian Judicial system is really sustainable?


Malya wants to delay extradition trial by giving such false and baseless excuses?

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