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The man who disclosed a huge sum of Rs. 13860 in IDS is not telling the name of persons behind this disclosure. This disclosure was the largest one and was disclosed on last day of IDS i.e.  30 September, 2016.

Total disclosure = 13860 crore

Tax on it @ 45% =6237 crore

First instalment of Tax = 25% of Tax Payable

=1559.25 crore.

This was to be deposited by 30 November, 2016.  When this instalment of Income Tax was not deposited then the department came into action and started contacting the person making declaration Mr. Mahesh Shah. He went out of reach for Income Tax Department’s officers. Then all of a sudden he appeared on a national news channel and said that this money does not belong to him and he would declare the name of person behind disclosure to Income Tax Department.

Deputy Director (investigation) Mr. Vinay Kaushal is heading the interrogation with Mahesh Shah (since then), but Mahesh Shah has not been cooperating and neither telling when he will deposit the tax nor he is revealing the name of a person to whom the disclosed money belongs.

Department has been conducted searches at 15 places where Shah used to have business or personal terms. According to websites of famous daily English newspaper Shah was close to Gujarat Politician and a Rajkot travel operator.

This is also mysterious question that why Shah chose to come to news channel before appearing in front of Income Tax Authorities. Whether he was worried that actual owner may cause him some harm or IT Department may work under some pressure so he appeared on news channel and said that this money does not belong to him. Let us see what comes out of interrogations.

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