Will Employment in IT Sector Flourish in Next 5 Years?

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  • After a slight slowdown in the economy in 2017, it is expected that the employment in IT sector will increase in 2018 and years to come as the economy seems to be back on track.
  • This lift in employment of IT sector is forecasted after notable surge in tech expend and increasing demands of IT employees in 2018.
  • The growth in IT sector largely depends on overall economy of the world and if the world’s economy is going well, then there will surely boom for IT employees.
  • As the US economy is growing fast in comparison to last year, it will simultaneously brought opportunities of employment in IT sector.
  • But if H1B Visa problem in US prevails then there shall be some competition in this sector and instead of US, various other countries will come forward in IT sector and the business as well as employment in those countries shall flourish.
  • V Balakrishnan, former CFO of Infosys hopes as long as the economy of US will grow, the chance of growth of IT Sector will also enhance.

The frequent move of companies towards digitalization and adopting digital approach to conduct business will also helped to raise employment in IT sector.

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