Will India Shift to Rechargeable Electric Vehicles within 5 Years?

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In view of the disturbing situation of air pollution in Indian mega cities and further expanding its wings to other cities, a serious thought has been initiated by Government of India to promote electric cars.

Indian auto industry grew by 3 million vehicles in the last fiscal year.

Mr. Nitin Gadkari, Road Transport Minister has warned the auto makers to do away with the manufacture of petrol/diesel vehicles in a phased manner and start manufacture of re-chargeable electric based vehicles.

Serious thought is necessary from Indian perspective because:

  • Major part of India’s imports comprise of oil which needs to be curbed.
  • Oil consumption leads to hazardous air pollution
  • Oil deposits, stockpiles shall vanish from the earth with such a world-wide consumption.
  • Alternate use of energy is required for eco-friendly fuel for sustainable environment
  • A Revolution is required in the field of renewable energy

Indian company Mahindra & Mahindra manufactures electric cars, the sale of which is quite negligible because of the high price.

In view of the aforesaid, several auto majors have started research and development of electric cars with lithium-ion based re-chargeable batteries.

Cummin India, who are the largest manufacturer of engines in India has been doing research work to develop engine which will run on electric energy.

Tata Motors has planned to join Mahindra & Mahindra for manufacture of electric cars.

Hyundai has chalked out its plan to shift to electric technology from its existing petrol/diesel version of vehicles.

Maruti has announced to roll out its electric version of vehicles in 2020.

Since the electric vehicles with lithium-ion based rechargeable batteries will be quite expensive, so Government may promote these vehicles with subsidies and incentives.

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