Will other States Follow Gujarat? VAT Reduced on Petrol & Diesel by 4%

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  • Gujarat became the first state to reduce VAT on petrol & diesel by 4% in the state.
  • VAT on Petrol & Diesel was 28.96% before the cut of 4%.
  • The cut shall result in the reduction of price in petrol by Rs.2.93 & diesel by Rs.2.72.
  • The applicable rates on petrol & diesel shall be a big relief for the people of Gujarat.
  • Left Government of Kerala had earlier accused central government for the high prices of petroleum products.
  • Central Petroleum Minister Mr. Dharmendra Pradhan had appealed to the state governments to reduce VAT on petroleum product by at least 5%, while Union Government reduced excise on petrol & diesel by Rs.2.00
  • May it be considered as the political gimmick for the forthcoming state assembly elections in the state?
  • Will the other states of India follow Gujarat?

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