Women Empowerment through Entrepreneurship

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The Role of women in the business activities is gradually increasing. The women are actively participating in various business ventures in all over the world. Development of Women as entrepreneurship is the instrument of escalation of women empowerment in modern era.

Empowerment means to self-confidence, satisfaction and raising living standards of women in the society. Women are becoming empowered on both fronts like personal and economical. One of the examples is Chetna Gala Sinha, a banker, Indian social activist had co-chaired the World Economic Forum at Davos along with six other powerful women entrepreneurs and leaders.

In 1997, Mann Deshi Mahila Sahakari Bank was started for and by rural women to encourage women’s participation in business activities and to nurture and support women entrepreneurs.

Another example of worldwide empowerment of women entrepreneurs is tie-up of women’s organization in Gujrat with Airnab, a mobile app that help rural women of India and Japan to open their homes to visitors from all over the world and to generate their income.

The millions of woman across the world are playing vital role and contributing in the sustainable economic and industrial development of the world economy. As the women are powerful drivers of the development of the world’s economies, it is need of the hour to put the women at an equal status with men to ensure the growth of the emerging economies. According to a report, women employment directly impacts the GDP growth rate of the country.

Gender inequality is the barrier which prevents women from participating in business activities and to earn income and contribute to increase economic security and industrial growth. The non-participation of women to entrepreneurship would lead to loss of profits that could arise by the yields of business and new product rises out of business run by the women.

In a view to make women socially and economically strong, the Government must work to impart education and training and technical expertise to the rural and unemployed women of the country. Following are the considerable issues by the Government relating to women:

  • What efforts should be made by the Govt. to scale up the women entrepreneurship?
  • How can we provide support to women to encourage more and more participation of women in global business?
  • How to overcome the societal and internal barriers in the way of women entrepreneurs?

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