World Cancer Day: Reasons to Avoid Using Plastic Bottles, Food Containers etc.

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Feb 4 is marked as the World Cancer Day every year. The aim is to spread awareness about cancer all over the world. Many of us do not know this fact that use of plastic bottles and Plastic food containers can cause cancer. Many researchers have proved that the Plastic leaches 55 to 60 different chemical and toxins when heated. Hence, when one keeps hot food in plastic utensils or heat food in those utensils or serves it hot in a plastic plate, dishes, there arise various toxins/ chemicals in this process which mixes with our food.  Many hard plastic contains Bisphenol A (BPA) which if entered in our body produce mimics Oestrogen hormones. BPA is found in many Water bottles and baby bottles. Drinking such water and eating this chemical mixed food creates hormonal imbalance that can cause many health problems like infertility, PCOD, colon and Prostate cancers and so on. The Food And Drug Administration (FDA), a USA based Environment Protection agency has also admitted this fact that the plastics leach chemicals into our food which lead to several health issues like breast cancer, heart diseases etc.

Is it safe to use microwaving plastic food containers to heat food?

No, it is not safe to use microwave safe plastic bowl to heat food because the same also leaches the chemicals. Hence one should use burner to heat the food rather using microwave safe plastic bowl container to heat the food.

One should avoid drinking water kept in plastic bottles or put the water in stainless steel or glass utensils before drinking water from plastic bottles. One can use stainless steel water bottles. One should use steel plates, and stop feeding baby milk in plastic bottles, or do not pack lunch in plastic Tiffin’s. One should instruct a restaurant staff to serve food in steel utensils.

What are the side effects of mimicking Oestrogen hormones or toxins in human body?

  • This may lead to infertility in young couple.
  • These chemicals can originate human breast cancer cell’s growth.
  • It may cause to PCOD i.e. Poly-cystic ovarian disease in women.

However, it is hard to completely get rid of plastic utensils as they become a part of our life. Still, one should make effort to minimize use of plastics and specially for heating food in plastic made utensils.

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